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I have a defibrilator sewn into my skin underneath my left arm. I cannot get rid of it. It was installed by the cardiologists at the University of Michigan Hospital. When they put it in, my skin had to stretch over the new, foreign object. It hurt unlike anything I'd ever known.

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Smooth beach rock

I found this rock on the beach at Nehalem Bay State Park. It was half-buried in the wet sand on the part of the beach that's half-wet but still sold. I was extremely struck by how smooth it was, and I took it with me. Now it lives on my desk.

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Engagement Ring

My engagement ring came from my fiancé, though I helped pick it out. It's from the jeweller Brilliant Earth. It officially lives on my left hand, except when I sleep, and then it lives in a little painted bowl on my nightstand.

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Tangle Toy

My tangle toy helps me stir in a less noticeable way. Most people with autism stir even as adults and tangles help us do it discreetly. My tangle was a gift from a fellow friend with autism who gifted it to me my first term at OSU and I have had it in my purse ever since.

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