Object Name: 
Tangle Toy

My tangle toy helps me stir in a less noticeable way. Most people with autism stir even as adults and tangles help us do it discreetly. My tangle was a gift from a fellow friend with autism who gifted it to me my first term at OSU and I have had it in my purse ever since.

Object Name: 
Spinny Ring

I have a "spinny" ring I wear on my pinky that helps me with a bad habit of picking at my scabs. I lost it in high school, but found it again in a hole in the bathroom wall once my parents started renovating the house.

Erica and Her Watch
Object Name: 

My Watch

Off and on it comes


A little fidget

Thinking, thinking, spinning, spinning

A comforting, familiar

Piece of rubber, plastic, and metal

Tick, tock

10 minutes left

Tick, tock

One last question