What objects can help you share your stories? If you're not sure, the following prompts might help you pick a thing that offers a metaphor for a story about who you are, what you like to do, and who and what you value.

Think of different places where you keep important things. Maybe thats a special drawer in a desk or bureau, a safe in your closet, or a space on your coffee table. What objects live in these places?

If you're a college student or have moved recently, what sort of things did you bring with you rather than selling them, giving them away, or leaving them behind? Why are these objects important to you?

What sort of objects do you carry in your pockets or wear on your person? Don't just think about your phone, wallet, and keys - think about the worn family photo tucked away in your purse or the special necklace you bought during that spontaneous roadtrip years ago. Maybe it's not your object at all, but you're carrying it for someone else.

Have you been inherited any family heirlooms or been gifted any special objects? What sort of history do these things have?

Once you've picked an object, continue to share it with us.

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